Hamburgers and fish, so we propose an original way to combine both: tuna burgers

Hamburguesa de atun

The kitchen is a good place to get away and be creative. There are many ways to prepare hamburgers and fish, so we propose an original way to combine both: tuna burgers. Very good option to enjoy a hamburger, without abusing meat and an alternative for children who find it difficult to eat fish.
Fresh tuna
Egg yolks
Bread crumbs
Spring onion
To start we chop the tuna into cubes and put them in a container
We cut the chives and garlic and put it in the container with the tuna.
Add the parsley, the breadcrumbs, the pepper and the egg and a little salt to taste. Mix well and rectify the dough with some breadcrumbs if it does not remain consistent and homogeneous.
We will let the dough rest for 30 to 45 minutes.
After the resting time, we proceed to shape the hamburgers.
We can pass them lightly through flour so that they compact a little, but this is not necessary if we want them even lighter.
We cook them on a griddle with a little oil and over medium heat so that they are well done inside and acquire the typical pink tone. The estimated time can be a couple of minutes.
We present it with hamburger bread and purple potato, which due to its flavor, is perfect for our tuna.
You can also add all the traditional ingredients of a meat burger.
To enjoy a very healthy meal … !!!
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