Aenor – Villa Nazules

The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification is a private not-for-profit organisation, that was created in 1986. Its activity contributes to improving the quality and competitiveness of companies, their products and services. AENOR helps organisations to generate one of the values most appreciated in the current economy: the confidence. AENOR mainly works in two fields, which are developed independently: standardisation and certification. Standardisation: it is the organisation legally responsible for the development and dissemination of technical standards in Spain. Standards indicate what a product should be like or how a service should work so that it is safe and comes up to the consumer”s expectations. AENOR offers everyone one of the most complete catalogues, with more than 28,500 sets of standards containing effective solutions. Certification: is the benchmark certifying body in Spain, thanks to the rigour and independence that characterises its work, and it is among the top ten certifying bodies worldwide. With the certification, an independent entity confirms that the requirements of a standard or other regulatory document are met in an organisation. The more than 57,000 certificates issued to date support organisations in fields such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, R&D&I, Health and Safety at Work and Energy Efficiency. To spread the culture of quality, AENOR also develops significant publishing activity, it gives special training and offers a free information service. In the field of testing, it is the senior partner of CEIS (Testing, Innovation and Services Centre), an international benchmark centre whose activity includes the performance of compliance tests, technical studies, and preventive and predictive maintenance of facilities. Likewise, 2008 saw the creation of AENORlaboratorio, aimed at all the players in the food sector, such as primary producers, processing, distribution and services industries. It covers the three principals areas of analysis: physicochemical, microbiological and sensory. In Spain, AENOR is present in all the Autonomous Communities, through its 21 centres, and is also present in 13 countries mostly in Latin America and Europe.

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