Happy Christmas!!!

Uunique Christmas. Find in our pretty hotel, in the middle of nature, the Spirit of the Christmas, peace and relaxation. The Christmas tree and lights are unmistakable symbols that Christmas is already here and, in Villa Nazules, we are ready to celebrate with you all, and leave it in your memory. Health and good gastronomy.

Villa Nazules shows until April 30th,  the exhibition SCULPTURES IN OLIVE WOOD, hand artist, painter and sculptor, PEDROSA JUAN LUNA. An attempt to get closer to nature and recover the soul of the olive tree, with creativity, modernity and the sole and exclusive treatment embodied in each work. We are sure you like, See you soom! 

Valentine’s Day

Rromantic getaway for Valentine’s Day a few kilometers from Toledo, gastronomic Spanish capital, surrounded by olive trees, in a place to share the love of nature, silence and curl up in the heat of a fireplace. Villa Nazules we offer the ideal place to feel the Valentine’s Day, greeting with a glass of champagne and chocolates, relaxing thermal circuit in the Spa plan, a delicious and romantic dinner by candlelight and a buffet breakfast unhurried. ….

Menú de Reyes, with Termal Agua & Luz Spa present

                                                                                                                        Kings are already here! an ideal opportunity to celebrate this special celebration. Since Mar de Olivos restaurant we present our menu  so you can enjoy a pleasant evening and enjoy the rich King cake. The Magic Kings give for each guest a relaxing Thermal Circuit in our Spa Water & Light. We wait for you!!!  

Toledo Gastronomic Capital

“The traditional cuisine of Toledo can be defined as tasteful and evocative, expressive, bright, frank and direct, consistent and nutritious. A joyful assembly between simplicity, its products, and elevation, the ingenuity of its people. Something similar to what happens in Don Quixote, where the soul of the common people is melted with a high culture. By the humility of his pantry, kitchen Toledo requires high doses of wit and ability to make the best of each product in taste and hit “harmonies, you can read in the dossier that the City featuring Toledo as Gastronomic Capital.

Explosion of color and flavor to this Autumn

Explosion of color and flavor to this Autumn !!!, Chema Lopez de la Torre, cooking Chef de Mar de Olivos, surprises us with a cheerful Menú, with great tradition and careful presentation. We present two starters: Carpaccio Salad of Chicken with Mango Coulis  and Tatar of Tomato and Garlic with White Prawns. #Autumn #cuisine #restaurant #vidanazules #toledogastronomica2016

Este viernes, 30 de Octubre, inauguramos nuestra nueva carta de otoño – invierno, llena de novedades, todas ellas con mucha tradición y una cuidadísima presentación. Os iremos mostrando los nuevos platos, que deseamos sean de vuestro gusto. Foto: Tatar de tomate y ajo blanco con langostinos. ‪#‎gastronomía‬ ‪#‎otoño‬ ‪#‎restaurante‬ ‪#‎vidanazules‬ ‪#‎toledogastronomica2016